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We provide a comprehensive marine surveying service. The benefits of a Marine Survey to an owner or prospective owner are varied, and will, in almost all cases include:

  • Confirmation that the vessel is suitable for her designed use,
  • Identification of defects that would impair the safety of the vessel or crew.
  • Open market valuation for insurance and finance purposes
  • Provide an independent report, prepared with technical, professional knowledge and qualification to be used as an instrument of discussion and negotiation.

Type of Survey

Pre-Purchase Survey:
This is the most comprehensive type of inspection and is strongly recommended when purchasing a new or second hand vessel.

Condition and overall operation of the vessel should be examined. This includes such items as construction, structural integrity, out of water inspection, readings for moisture content, sea trial, electrical systems, propulsion system, fuel system, machinery, navigation, infantry, cosmetic appearance, electronics and overall maintenance.

Insurance Survey:
This inspection is performed so that an Insurance company can determine whether or not the vessel is an acceptable risk. The insurance company is interested in structural integrity and safety for the vessels intended use.

Most insurance companies will require a survey every 10 years or when changing ownership or policy providers.

The report will identify the Open Market Valuation of the vessel.

Appraisal Inspection:
This inspection is carried out to provide sufficient information to justify or determine the Open Market value of the vessel. This is normally needed for financing, estate settlements, donations and legal cases.

Damage Inspection:
This is performed to access the extent of damage, recommend repairs, estimate repair costs and if required to identify the cause of the damage.

A thorough survey will not be rushed and will depend upon the type of survey required, the size of the vessel, the equipment and systems on board. There may be additional services required such as engine surveys, oil analysis, galvanisic and stray current corrosion testing, moisture testing, ultrasonic testing, as well as other non-destructive testing.

There may be additional charges for these and other services.

Preparing for the survey:
Time and additional expenses can be saved by preparing the vessel for inspection and making her fully accessible with all equipment, loose gear and 'ships papers' available.

If applicable, you will need to make arrangements to haul the vessel out of the water and have the under water area washed off ready for inspection.

The surveyor may request minor dismantling of interior linings, flooring etc. in order to gain access to suspected areas.

Random inspection of fasteners on wooden vessels below the water line may be examined for condition; qualified personnel should carry out any dismantling and re-installation of these parts. These extra works will be the responsibility of the person requesting the survey.
Written authorisation from the owner may be required to board and/or remove any part of the vessel.

A Marine Surveyor works only for the person who commissioned the survey. The surveyor is there to protect your interest.